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USA Today featuring story on Chinese students studying in the United StatesCNN Living story on ManagementChronicle of Higher Education about UNL bringing cutting-edge arts to the HeartlandTime.com story biology and political affiliations

Let's give them something to talk about


UNL offers the world a great deal in the way of expertise and discovery. The challenge is identifying and leveraging the most opportune marriages of media's need for content and UNL's unique stories.


University Communications news/public relations staff are constantly:

  • building relationships with key people in media
  • looking for the direct link between your information and the person in the newsroom most directly aligned with the given topic.

If you have kept track of our placement list, you know that that approach has been very successful over the years. Faculty, administrators and staff have landed in national media outlets ranging from USA TODAY to CNN to the New York Times to Fox News this way. There's a second focus to our national news efforts: microtargeting. That is, we may be presented with a story that has a few strong news elements, but only for a specific, limited audience. For example, long after bullying faded out of the headlines of the popular press, UNL bullying expert Susan Swearer was showing up in Education Week, a publication primarily read by K-12 educators and administrators, as an expert source in continuing coverage on the subject.


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