Email Signature Generator

Beta Release.

This application is currently in beta. Please submit issues and feedback to

Signature Generator

  1. Enter your My.UNL username to start.
    Sorry this username does not exist
  2. Edit your information in the boxes on the right. Make sure mailto: is added before all email addresses and http:// is added before all web addresses. Reorder the boxes by clicking and dragging them up and down. Click anywhere on the page after making changes to update the signature preview.
  3. Click the "select your signature" button to highlight your new signature.
  4. Copy and paste the highlighted signature into the signature preferences in your mail client (i.e. Outlook, Mac Mail, etc.). Be mindful that many mail clients will reformat text pasted into them. Make sure your client is set to "Keep Source Formatting."
keep source example
"Keep Source Formatting" example, Outlook for Mac.

This application is developed and maintained by Internet and Interactive Media (IIM), which is a partnership with University Communication and Information Technology Services.