3 Reasons to Create Community Collages

3 Reasons to Create Community Collages

Social Media is an effective tool used to engage with your online community of followers. Community collages go beyond liking or commenting on followers’ content, to making your followers PART of your content. A community collage is an easy way to do this! By finding different photos shared by community members and creating an interesting collage using their photos you can build a stronger one-on-one relationship with your community.

Here’s why you should do it for your organization:

1. It’s Simple 
How to make a collage:

  • Choose a style of collage
  • Find pictures that are centered around a theme
  • Assemble your pictures
  • Put pictures together in a collage fashion

Here are a few tools to help you make a stellar collage.

  • Layout App
  • Picmonkey.com
  • Fotor.com
2. Engagement with the community 
Collages get more people involved in your content with one easy post. When someone sees their picture in your content, or receives the notification of being tagged in your photo, they can develop a sense of pride that their photo is “good enough” to be in your brand’s content. This sort of pride is what keeps your followers loyal and engaged. 

3. Generates more organic content for YOU to share
In our collage captions, we always encourage our followers to use the UNL hashtag for the chance to be featured in the upcoming community collage. When you ask your followers to start using a specific hashtag, this offers your brand more content to repost and share and allows you to continue to build relationships with your followers. 

Be sure to check out our UNL community collage every Monday on our Instagram page! Have a question about community collages or Instagram? Shoot us an email. 

This post was written by Kathleen Loach -
Social Media Strategy Intern and UNL CoJMC Senior

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