Each year, thousands of Berkshire Hathaway shareholders descend on Omaha to attend the annual shareholder meeting presided over by Chairman/CEO (and UNL grad) Warren Buffett. The University of Nebraska Central Administration needed to find a way to make the university part of the conversation and strengthen the association between NU and one of its most successful alumni. The result was a surprise-and-delight campaign that engaged shareholders with the NU message – that engaging with the university is a worthwhile “life investment” – as soon as they reached the meeting in Omaha. Students from UNL and UNO handed out water and campaign-specific koozies, coasters and faux $1 million bills representing the difference in the lifetime earnings of a bachelor’s degree recipient versus a high school graduate. The faux “bills” were plantable, with wildflower seeds embedded in the paper – a take-home message that higher education is a lifetime investment that grows over time. University Communications worked to develop the overall strategy and design for the event.

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Campaign Deliverables

Street Team
A street team of college students distributed campaign-message infused koozies and coasters and answered questions about the money tree.
NU Water Bottle and Koozie
Campaign-designed koozies with water bottles were distributed to the shareholder meeting attendees.
Money Tree
The money tree with faux "Buffett bucks" drew shareholder meeting attendees and reminded them that the right "Life Investment" can turn in to a money tree of sorts with endless returns.
Coaster and Money
Coasters and faux money were distributed with Buffett's likeness and campaign messaging.
Life Investment Newspaper Ad
An Omaha World-Herald newspaper ad was placed touting NU as the best life investment.
Life Investement Instagram Post
Life investment artwork was created for an Instagram post by the university system.
Life Investment Landing Page
A Life Investment landing web page link was included in campaign materials with a call-to-action to explore opportunities at UNL, UNK, UNO and UNMC.