Social Media Round Up: April 7 2015

Social Media Round Up: April 7 2015

New Live Streaming Apps

Over the past week, two different livestreaming apps have become available in the app store; Periscope and Meerkat. The two apps allow users to livestream via Twitter. Celebrities and sports teams have already started experimenting with the apps capabilities and providing a unique perspective to their fans and followers. Meerkat is an outside company and Periscope was launched by Twitter. So far, other social media users (social fresh) have identified the following as the differentiating factors of Meerkat and Periscope:
  • Meerkat: Scheduling, easier to see viewers and chat, better Twitter integration, easier to find streams, more personality, cooler logo, seems to deal better with larger audiences
  • Periscope: Better video, cleaner UI, hearts feedback, better user profiels, easier to follow, blocking option, no lag on video 
We're definitely keeping an eye on these apps and figuring out the best way to work them into our social media mix. Do you have ideas of how to leverage livestreaming? Drop us a line. 

For more information on either of these apps visit: 
Meerkat ›› 
Periscope ›› 

Introducing "Layout" from Instagram

Instagram has launched a new app, "Layout" which allows you to combine multiple photos into various collages and then share them directly via Instagram. Similar to other third-party apps like Pic Stitch or Collage, "Layout" from Instagram takes away the clutter of ads and paying to download new layouts. From this app, you can simply  build your collage and share it quickly on Instagram.

Discover "Layout" from Instagram ››
Layout from Instagram examples photo courtesy of Instagram's Blog

Instagram Updates: New Editing Tools & Post Notifications

Instagram has released a new update that allows users to subscribe to posts from specific users and has also introduced two new editing tools that allows users to manipulate color and tones in their photos. 

Learn more about the latest Instagram updates ›› 
Instagram Web Update

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