Social Media Round Up: August 10, 2015

Social Media Round Up: August 10, 2015

Social Media Tools | Survey

We are taking a quick survey of campus social media users/managers and seeing what social media management tools are currently being used. This survey will allow us to better understand the current landscape and the data collected will help us as we are evaluating campus wide tools that will help social media users/managers with efficiency, planning, engagement and measurement. We hope you can take 2-minutes to complete the survey. Take the Social Media Tools Survey

Social Media Content Calendar Template

If you're anything like me, this summer has been a summer of planning, organizing and trying to check things off my list. I recently pulled together a pretty comprehensive google doc spreadsheet to manage my social media content planning, creation and publishing and it has worked wonders with my team. Below is a link to the spreadsheet. If you're interested in using it for your team, feel free to copy and paste and update. Give me a call or shoot me an email if you have any issues with it. View the Sample UNL Social Media Content Calendar Template ››
Sample Content Calendar Template
Sample Content Calendar

Social Media Tip of the Week

If you're shooting video on your phone, turn your phone to the side. Videos are meant to be viewed horizontally, not vertically. Almost all video viewing devices are horizontal (computer screen, video projector, tv) and shooting videos horizontally will allow your video content to fill the screen. Shooting vertically just takes up the middle area and leaves a lot of dead space to the left and right. Make your videos better and turn your phone.
How to take a video with your phone.
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Snapchat Collaboration

As it was announced at ThinkTank, if you're looking to mix up your social media strategy and want to include Snapchat, all you have to do is let us know. The University has ONE account (UNLincoln) and we're happy to coordinate directly with you on how we can best leverage the tool to accomplish your goals. This one account for the entire university is focused on letting our audiences behind the scenes and creating unique engagement touchpoints through the multiple components of the app. 

To date we have worked with NSE, Husker Athletics, Campus Recreation, Admissions and we have plans on snapping from different events and happenings with The Libraries, Student Involvement, Education Abroad and Career Services. We are working on building out recap videos and should have those available in the next SM round up!

If you're interested in collaborating, let us know and we can chat.

Snapchat Samples
Behind the scenes at the Husker Soccer/Tennis Complex & the East Campus Rec.

Campus Hashtags

Day to day we all use the #UNL hashtag, but there are some instances for events and campus happenings that have their own unique hashtags. Below is a current and upcoming list of campus events with unique hashtags. 
  • August Commencement - #UNL2015 | (Current) 
  • Move-In - #MyHuskerHome | (Upcoming) 
Do you have an upcoming event or happening that has its own hashtag, send us a note and we'll add it to our list
Campus Hashtags

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