Social Media Round Up: June 9, 2015

Social Media Round Up: June 9, 2015

Delivering the Message: One Tweet, Snap and Instagram Filter at the Time

A few people have requested a copy of my presentation from Think Tank, you can review it below.

Snapchat Coordination

As it was announced at ThinkTank, if you're looking to mix up your social media strategy and want to include Snapchat, all you have to do is let us know. The University has ONE account (UNLincoln) and we're happy to coordinate directly with you on how we can best leverage the tool to accomplish your goals. This one account for the entire university is focused on letting our audiences behind the scenes and creating unique engagement touchpoints through the multiple components of the app. 

Currently, we are working with NSE and their orientation leaders are sharing snaps through out each day as well as interacting with all of our newest Huskers, by adding their snaps to our collective UNL story. 

UNL Snapchat Sample

Twitter Direct Message (DM) Update

Twitter recently updated their Direct Message/Private Messages protocols so now you can send and recieve direct messages from anyone, not just people that you follow or follow you. This is exciting news, but there are a few things to keep in mind with this update.
  1. This is helpful if you're running a contest and want to direct message the winner or have the winner direct message you for prize redemption. 
  2. You may recieve more direct messages now, so be sure you are checking your direct messages more frequently and responding to those inquiries that make sense. 
  3. This could cause your account to get some spammy direct messages, so double check before you click a link from a message looks suspicious. 
For more information read this blog post from Twitter ››
Twitter Direct Messages

Pinterest Collaboration

Pinterest – The web and mobile app, was founded in order for people to discover ideas for all projects and interests. It offers a unique view to different pieces of content and drive traffic back to your website. Think it’s just for DIY fanatics? Think again! Here are some reasons why you should consider Pinterest. 

  1. It's low maintenance and low cost
  2. High engagement opportunities
  3. It's easy to pin on the go
While Pinterest is relatively easy to get started, there are key things to keep in mind before you start pinning
  • Who is your audience? 
    • Are they on Pinterest?
    • Will they find your content useful and likely "repin" your content? 
  • What will you name your board?
    • Does it make sense to your users? 
    • What description will you provide to give users a good overview of the board? 
  • What five keywords would you use to describe the content on your board?
    • These five keywords should be kept in mind the entire time you are pinning. These words will likely be used when someone is searching for content, so it's good to keep them in mind and include them in your pin descriptions (where they make sense). 
  • Where will your content link to? 
    • Link users back to your website or other web properties 
    • Make sure if you're pinning other people's content that it is high quality and represents you and your organization well. 
Ready to get started? Let us know if you're thinking about Pinterest and we can set up a quick Pinterest kick off. In many cases, it doesn't make sense to set up a whole Pinterest account for a few specific boards. There are plenty of opportunities to collaborate and even have your own "board" on the UNLincoln Pinterest account

Pinterest Collaboration

Campus Hashtags

Day to day we all use the #UNL hashtag, but there are some instances for events and campus happenings that have their own unique hashtags. Below is a current and upcoming list of campus events with unique hashtags. 
  • New Student Enrollment - #UNL | (Current) 
  • Education Abroad - #UNLabroad - #Huskersabroad | (Current) 
  • Move-In - #MyHuskerHome | (Upcoming) 
  • August Commencement - #UNL2015 | (Upcoming) 
Do you have an upcoming event or happening that has its own hashtag, send us a note and we'll add it to our list.
Campus Hashtags

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