Social Media Round Up - September 19, 2016

Social Media Round Up - September 19, 2016

The latest happening in social media on campus and beyond.

Social Media Task Force

As it was mentioned at Brand Summit, a task force of communicators from across the university has been formed to discuss the implications of dropping the reference of "UNL" in social media. The committee will discuss

  • how this change impacts how we write
  • what hashtags we use
  • how we name our social accounts

Ultimately the group will put together recommendations for the rest of campus. If you have ideas for us to consider please forward them to a committee member (listed below) or Tyler Thomas. 

Committee Members

  • Tyler Thomas, University Communication - Chair
  • Amanda Lager, Physics and Astronomy  
  • Sean Hagewood, Nebraska News 
  • Joanie Barnes, Libraries 
  • Kelcey Buck, Special Education and Communications Disorders
  • Ashley Washburn, Nebraska Research 
  • Haley Steinkuhler, IANR
  • Lauren Gayer, Student Affairs
  • Fran Benne, Agronomy and Horticulture
  • Karen Kassebaum, HR  
  • Jenn Klein, Nebraska Public Policy Center 
  • Robert Vencil, Chemistry 
  • Casandra Siefkes, Modern Languages  

Nebraska Content Library

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln content library is a digital library available to communicators, marketers and designers to share their digital assets with the larger university community. Groups can upload/download images, graphics, videos and other media to share on websites, social media, digital signage and in some cases print media. The library is co-managed by University Communication, Computer Science and Engineering and Student Involvement. The link below will allow you to view and download. If you wish to upload your own media, please contact Tyler Thomas

The latest uploads available for download:

  • Academic Integrity Week - September 19-23 - Nebraska Libraries 
  • Fall Career Fair - September 27-29 | October 3 and 20 - Career Services 
  • Student Involvement Events (LGBTQA+, OASIS, Campus Night Life, UPC) - Varies - Student Involvement 
  • Coming Soon! - Homecoming - September 26 - October 1 - University Communication  
Nebraska Content Library

Campus Contributor Content Calendar

If you have content you would like to have University Communication consider to share across our social networks, please add it to the contributor content calendar now available in Google docs. Simply add your text and images for tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram posts. Our team will review daily and schedule posts when they make the most sense. Our hope is to help amplify your message and help you reach a larger audience. If you have content you would rather us just RT or reshare, please just make a note in the spreadsheet.

The calendars are monthly, to reference future months (through December) review the box note available in the same folder. This content is also housed in the Nebraska Content Library. If you have any questions about the process or need more clarification, please email Tyler Thomas.

Nebraska Content Library

Social Media Platform Updates

Say goodbye to some media (photos, videos, gifs, polls and quote tweet) taking away from your 140 character limit on Twitter

Say more about what's happening! Rolling out now: photos, videos, GIFs, polls, and Quote Tweets no longer count toward your 140 characters.
— Twitter (@twitter) September 19, 2016

Twitter just announced new customer support features for businesses. "Businesses can now indicate that they provide support, which adds that information to suggestions when people search for a business, @mention a business in a tweet, or find a business in direct messages." 

Twitter Customer Support Option

Twitter support sample

Instagram Business Insights

We now have the ability to update our Instagram accounts to "business profiles" which allows advanced analytics and new calls to action. Updating allows you to better understand your followers, track impressions, reach and engagement, see your top posts and track your follower growth. Learn more about Instagram for business at the link below.

Instagram Business Tools

Instagram analytics screenshot

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