Think Tank 2016 Event Design

Think Tank 2016 Event Design

Each year, the university attracts hundreds of communications professionals to hear from experts from around the country and across campus at the annual Think Tank communicators conference hosted by University Communication. For this year's conference, University Communication expanded on the idea of "Think" and "Tank" to design all of the elements for the event.

Event Elements

Think Tank online registration mock up
Think Tank online registration website
Digital welcome sign
Digital welcome screen
Think Tank Name Tag
Name tag design
Think Tank attendee placemat
The placemat included the event agenda and a space for notes and the event hashtag
Think Tank Table Tents
Table tents encouraging event attendee interaction
Think Tank Rebus Card
Attendees had the chance to play UNL related rebus games in between sessions
Think Tank giveaway
All event attendees were given a new t-shirt feature the brand new Nebraska "N"

Think Tank presenters each had a unique slide designed with their name that was displayed before their presentation.

Utilizing the available technology in the venue, we designed motion graphics animations that subtlety played throughout the event.