Official University Colors

Scarlet and cream, the primary colors for the University, are mentioned in three of our fight songs dating back to the early 20th century. They are the official colors of the University. For complementary use, a gray and a lighter shade of cream are provided. Consistent use of these colors enhances audiences’ visual interaction with our brand.


Pantone 186CP C2 M100 Y85 K6 CMYK #d00000 hex R208 G0 B0 RGB


Pantone 4545CP (25%) C3 M3 Y8 K0 CMYK #f5f1e7 hex R245 G241 B231 RGB


Pantone Cool Gray 3CP C0 M0 Y0 K25 CMYK #c7c8ca hex R199 G200 B202 RGB

Lighter Cream**

#fefdfa hex R254 G253 B250 RGB

** Digital Only

* The new PMS Plus Series Color Bridge is the new color set selected for the University. It's the best option when converting to a 4-c process. The rest of the color breakdowns reflect this change.

Accent Colors

In order to expand our breadth of design options and add variety to communications, a set of accent colors is now available. These colors are our secondary (accent) color set. They are not meant to be the lead colors on any publication; you must not use large floods of these colors on communication pieces.

Accent Yellow

Pantone 1235CP C0 M31 Y98 K0 CMYK #fdb71a hex R253 G183 B26 RGB

Accent Orange

Pantone 158CP C0 M62 Y95 K0 CMYK #f57f29 hex R245 G127 B41 RGB

Accent Blue

Pantone 7459CP C72 M9 Y9 K13 CMYK #109dc0 hex R16 G157 B192 RGB

Accent Green

Pantone 3268CP C86 M0 Y53 K0 CMYK #00b098 hex R0 G176 B152 RGB

Accent Purple

Pantone 7648CP C22 M100 Y0 K16 CMYK #991e66 hex R153 G30 B102 RGB


Accent Dark Brown

Pantone 463CP C14 M54 Y95 K62 CMYK #744f28 hex R116 G79 B40 RGB

Accent Dark Blue

Pantone 647CP C96 M54 Y5 K27 CMYK #236192 hex R35 G97 B146 RGB

Accent Dark Green

Pantone 3425CP C93 M13 Y85 K44 CMYK #006341 hex R0 G99 B65 RGB


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