The UNL brand will be enhanced by illustrations, infographics, charts and maps, but consistency in their creation is very important. When creating these graphics, the use of secondary brand colors is permitted, but no secondary color must overtake the predominance of scarlet or cream. The style is flat, without use of drop shadows, 3D, or other fancy tricks. Strokes should be set to have rounded radius and rounded caps. You may request custom charts, maps and graphs to UComm.

Graph example 1
Graph example 2
Graph example 2


Chart example 1
Chart example 2


UNL has a set of official 3D maps (Download 3D Maps). UComm has also made available a 2D versions of the maps (Download 2D Maps), which work great for directions. For the digital version of our map as seen here, visit online maps.

City Campus 3D map
City Campus 2D map
East Campus 3D map
East Campus 2D map