UNL produces a great amount of video work throughout the year. The options shown here are provided in order to maintain consistency, unity and a strong brand. Both the UNL Logo and the Nebraska N are required in any videos. The intro and outro options available make it simple to create any video and not have to worry about motion graphics. Pre-produced intro and outro animations, as described on this page, are available from the videography department. Phone, 402-472-8520, or email cbright2@unl.edu or dfitzgibbon1@unl.edu to arrange use.


The UComm Video Department is fully staffed to document everything that happens on campus as well as to catalog and archive every shot. When commissioning new videos, remember to follow the guidelines.


For most video needs, here’s how to proceed:

  1. Through a phone call and/or in-person meeting, we will listen to your need and ideas. Then we will couple those to our ideas and skills to create a video plan. We will set up scenarios and start scheduling students, faculty members and getting the necessary permissions to be in buildings and/or other locations around town.
  2. We can then create a shot list, storyboard, shooting times and other supporting documents or be flexible and just get shots “on the fly”.
  3. Once videos are shot, we send a first-round edit for review. Once final edits are made we send you links to download the video and/or social links of upload.


Intro Storyboard image 1

Open on an aerial shot of campus.

Intro Storyboard image 2

Word Nebraska appears while red overlays video.

Intro Storyboard image 3

Words University and Lincoln fly in.

Intro Storyboard image 4

Final UNL logo settles into screen.

Intro Storyboard image 5

Optional title slide. Use for any title purpose.


Outro Storyboard image 1

3D view of N, without the serif.

Outro Storyboard image 2

N rotates and settles in place.

Outro Storyboard image 3

Serif starts to appear.

Outro Storyboard image 4

Final icon settles into screen.

Outro Storyboard image 5

Lines with additional logos and URL appear. Alt background colors can be white or black.


Outro Storyboard image 1

UNL Logo appears on left bottom or top right of first shot of the video.


Outro Storyboard image 2



Outro Storyboard image 3



Outro Storyboard image 5



Outro Examples

These files are intended to be used by video editors only. These files contain only the Nebraska N and our main URL, unl.edu. If you need your specific naming lockup and your own custom URL, please contact UComm Broadcast and Video Production manager David Fitzgibbon at 2-8520. If our department is already creating videos for you, we will place the appropriate naming lockup and URL on your videos, please do not download or use the files below.

Outro example - white background
Outro example - red background
Outro example - black background
Outro example - cream background


Preferred Name Plate

In most instances, the best option for names plates is the simplest one.*

OPTIONAL (for busy or light backgrounds)
Optional Name Plate

When the video background does not provide a clear area for type, adding this bar to the video will work.*


UNL has established corporate partnerships though the Athletic Department and Business and Finance, and one of our best practices as communicators is to avoid featuring in photography and videography the logos/marks of brands competing with UNL's partner brands. Be aware of UNL's current partnerships—especially those with apparel and beverage brands —and do not use photos or video clips that prominently feature the logo of competing brands.

* If you are creating your own videos, request the comp files from our video crew.


College Name
Outro Lockup 1

If you want to specify your name, use the lockup created for your college/ department.*

College and Department Name
Outro Lockup 2

Using the secondary naming lockup is also permitted.*

* If you are creating your own videos, request these files from our video crew.