Toolbox & Brand Book

Nebraska wordmark


The University of Nebraska–Lincoln (UNL) communicates with many diverse audiences. Part of the goal of every University communication, regardless of the audience, is to identify consistently and positively with the University. The Toolbox & Brand Book is designed to assist in the process of implementing a simple, attractive and economical branding system that is flexible enough for campus units to retain individuality within the University brand.

The University Toolbox & Brand Book has been developed by the University Communications/Strategic Marketing team in conjunction with an ad hoc Brand Council and Toolbox Steering Committee. As an ever-evolving document, it is the single reference for all aspects of the University brand. The most updated version of the Toolbox & Brand Book, applications, electronic files of official logos and icons, and information on the University’s website design are available on this website.

Download the PDF Version

The Toolbox & Brand Book (31 MB) is a comprehensive document oriented to printed communications, with reference to all other aspects of the UNL brand, including web/digital, social media, photography, video and much more. Last revised July 1, 2016.