Medium-specific brand requirements help ensure greater brand alignment in the way communications are formatted, whether they be in social media, on a website, in video or print. Writing-focused brand requirements make it easier for all communicators to communicate with consistent language and, particularly, with consistent naming conventions.


All publications are REQUIRED to contain these elements:

  • Nebraska N (campus icon)
  • Nondiscrimination statement
  • Copyright ©YYYY (print year)
    (if updated and reprinted the following year(s), both years need to appear. ©2013, 2014, 2015)

Front covers (face) of publications should contain:

  • Campus icon

HR and Admissions applications are required to contain the full notice of nondiscrimination located at

Online & Social


Standards for website development at UNL are established and governed by the UNL Web Developer Network, UNL’s primary organization of web developers. Use of UNL templates is mandatory for all websites at the department/unit levels and above as of August 2007.

For websites below the department/unit level, use of UNL templates is not required, but if UNL templates are used, all requirements governing their use apply. Those sites below the department/unit level which do not use the templates provided are still required to meet Section 508 accessibility standards, be composed with valid code, use the official UNL favicon, and display either the UNL logo or Nebraska N linked to the university homepage.

Details on template adoption, documentation and information on how to join the UNL Web Developer Network and participate in shaping future versions of the UNL website, are available on the Web Developer Network website.


  • We recommend consistency in naming multiple social media channels. When starting your accounts, first consult with UComm to ensure you have the same user name across all platforms.
  • Your account(s) profile picture/social avatar should represent the university and be either your social lockup created in the lockup factory or another image that accurately represents your college/department/unit. Individual units are NOT APPROVED to use the Nebraska "N” by itself on any background or in any other format for the purpose of a social media or digital avatar.
    • The Nebraska "N" with a white background is reserved for the Athletic Department (@Huskers).
    • The Nebraska "N" with a red background is reserved for the University main account (@UNLincoln).
    Any other images shared socially should follow NEBRASKA brand guidelines and be sized appropriately for each platform.
  • Your “About Us” or biography section should outline who you are, the purpose of the social page and link to your website on


The University of Nebraska–Lincoln has many and diverse audiences. While it is most effective to communicate in slightly different ways depending on the audience segment, the way we talk about ourselves as a university should be consistent.

Approved designations for the campus are:

  1. University of Nebraska–Lincoln* Please note, this must be used prior to or in conjunction with the following uses.
  2. Nebraska
  3. The university or Our university
  4. UNL (sparingly)

Unacceptable usage of campus reference:

  1. NU
  2. UN-L
  3. University of Nebraska at Lincoln

In written communication, the full name, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, should be spelled out when the university is first mentioned or cited. Thereafter, references can cite “the university” or “Nebraska.” “UNL” may be used (for example, when space is at a premium), but otherwise it is not preferred. Communicators should make efforts to explore other options before using “UNL.”

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln is one of four institutions in the University of Nebraska system. Others include the University of Nebraska Medical Center, the University of Nebraska at Omaha and the University of Nebraska at Kearney.


Our university has a special relationship with our state. Beyond the university’s land-grant commitment, we share a strong sense of community. We even share the word Husker as part of our identity. In a way uncommon at other public universities, a large number of students, faculty, and staff at our university identify as Huskers because they are part of the university community or because they live in Nebraska. In other words, being a Husker is an identity not limited to student-athletes. It is also claimed by students, faculty, staff and the state’s residents alike.

In written communication, using “Husker” to refer to students, faculty or staff members, or alumni reflects and builds upon our strong sense of community and our connection to the state.


“I’m a Husker &…”

Photography and Video


In order to maintain consistency with our style of photography, anytime you need to search for additional images in stock libraries, please follow the guidelines outlined here. Many of the image styles, concepts and scenarios presented here are incompatible with our brand and must not be used. For examples and downloads go to the Campus photos page.

This also applies to illustrations. Refer HERE for our illustration, graphs, charts and maps style guide.

Fish-eye lens, giant heads, etc...
Forced expressions of happiness.
Cliche words wrapped in another image.
Any over-the-top business concept.
Globes are too overused in academic settings.
Mortar boards flying in the air.
Any kind of neon-filled concept of technology