Official University Colors

Scarlet and cream, the primary colors for the University, were chosen by students in 1892, and are mentioned in three of our fight songs dating back to the early 20th century. They are the official colors of the University.

For complementary use, a gray and a lighter shade of cream are provided. Consistent use of these colors enhances audiences’ visual interaction with our brand.


Pantone 186CP C2 M100 Y85 K6 CMYK #d00000 hex R208 G0 B0 RGB


Pantone 4545CP (25%) C3 M3 Y8 K0 CMYK #f5f1e7 hex R245 G241 B231 RGB


Pantone Cool Gray 3CP C0 M0 Y0 K25 CMYK #c7c8ca hex R199 G200 B202 RGB

Lighter Cream**

#fefdfa hex R254 G253 B250 RGB

** Digital Only

* The new PMS Plus Series Color Bridge is the new color set selected for the University. It's the best option when converting to a 4-c process. The rest of the color breakdowns reflect this change.

Accent Colors

In order to expand our breadth of design options and add variety to communications, a set of accent colors is now available. These colors are our secondary (accent) color set. They are not meant to be the lead colors on any publication, signage, digital project or merchandise piece. Limit usage to graphs, charts, buttons or small items; you must not use large floods of these colors on communication pieces.

Each of the secondary palette colors has both a light and a dark variation.

See below for RGB, Hex, and CMYK values for all of these colors.


C11 M14 Y38 K0 CMYK #e2d2a5 hex R226 G210 B165 RGB
C7 M8 Y23 K0 CMYK #ede1c6 hex R237 G225 B198 RGB
C8 M0 Y29 K25 CMYK #b6ad95 hex R182 G173 B149 RGB


C0 M14 Y80 K0 CMYK #ffd74f hex R255 G215 B79 RGB
C0 M8 Y48 K0 CMYK #ffe597 hex R255 G229 B151 RGB
C0 M27 Y100 K0 CMYK #cc8d00 hex R204 G141 B0 RGB


C0 M55 Y100 K0 CMYK #f58a1f hex R245 G138 B31 RGB
C0 M33 Y60 K0 CMYK #fab574 hex R250 G181 B116 RGB
C10 M70 Y100 K1 CMYK #b24312 hex R178 G67 B18 RGB


C38 M100 Y0 K0 CMYK #a5228d hex R165 G34 B131 RGB
C23 M60 Y0 K0 CMYK #c07cb4 hex R192 G124 B180 RGB
C43 M95 Y7 K32 CMYK #751c67 hex R117 G28 B103 RGB


C54 M0 Y22 K0 CMYK #6cc9cc hex R108 G201 B204 RGB
C32 M0 Y13 K0 CMYK #a9dcde hex R169 G220 B222 RGB
C98 M0 Y42 K0 CMYK #00726c hex R0 G114 B108 RGB


C44 M15 Y7 K22 CMYK #7398b1 hex R115 G152 B177 RGB
C26 M9 Y4 K13 CMYK #a3bacb hex R163 G186 B203 RGB
C71 M30 Y13 K41 CMYK #24576b hex R36 G87 B107 RGB


C24 M0 Y98 K8 CMYK #bccb2a hex R188 G203 B42 RGB
C14 M0 Y59 K5 CMYK #d4db82 hex R212 G219 B130 RGB
C20 M12 Y100 K48 CMYK #7d7a10 hex R125 G122 B16 RGB


C0 M0 Y0 K25 CMYK #c7c8ca hex R199 G200 B202 RGB
C0 M0 Y0 K10 CMYK #e6e7e8 hex R230 G231 B232 RGB
C0 M0 Y0 K60 CMYK #808285 hex R128 G130 B133 RGB