The university's brand can effectively convey meaning and shape perception among our audiences only when we are consistent as communicators. Using the brand means reinforcing the brand position, incorporating brand assets and following brand guidelines.

Strategic Alignment

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Every great piece starts with strategy and content development. And all great content starts with alignment to the brand, working towards a goal, and shaping the content with the target audience in mind. Check out our Brand House and Strategic Alignment page for strategies on how to build a strategic foundation for your project.

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Visual Identity

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The brand position doesn’t stop at language, the look and feel of every communication we produce either adds to or detracts from our brand position. Using our principles for designing visual assets will enhance the effectiveness of university marketing and communication work. Check out Our Visual Identity page for examples, guidelines, and tips to make your work shine.

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Brand Requirements

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What should every piece include? Communication and marketing leaders across campus have agreed upon media-specific brand requirements to reflect unique characteristics of different communication media and ways audiences engage with those distinct media types. Check out our checklist on our Brand Requirements page to make sure your project meets University requirements.

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