Templates & Assets

Templates and established visual assets can help lighten the design work of ensuring visual brand alignment. See all of the template and visual assets available below. If you are interested in adding to the options available, contact University Communication.


Powerpoint template

Our PowerPoint templates are popular choices for presenters across campus. InDesign templates are available for common print project formats. Certificate templates save time and ensure brand alignment when special recognition is in order.

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Textures, Patterns and Icons

Grit texture

In response to a common need for textures, patterns and icons, university designers worked together to develop and select a variety of options. Consistent use of these assets enhances the brand experience and saves time and resources in communications work.

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Campus Photos

Student at commencement

Photos are available for campus communicators and departments to review and purchase for web, print and other purposes. A limited selection of high-resolution digital images are complimentary and may be downloaded at no cost.

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Video Assets

Student at commencement

Video assets are offered to enhance consistency and ease of aligning with the brand. Both the UNL Logo and the Nebraska N are required in any videos. Pre-produced intro and outro animations are available from University Communication.

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