Guides & Training

Helping you communicate effectively and in alignment with the brand 

Brand guide

By utilizing our brand guide in your communications, you'll add value to our university messaging. Learn more about our brand guide and how you can maximize the effectiveness of your content. 

Social media guide

Discover what social platforms fit your needs best and review the protocol and best practices for running a social media account. 

Writing style guide

Effectively communicate in the voice and tone of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln with the help of our writing style guide. 

Media training

From forming succinct sound bites to navigating difficult questions, preparation is key to successful media engagement. Our experienced staff stand ready to provide advice and tips and can connect individuals and groups with a well-respected outside consultant for in-depth media training.

Signage guide

Follow our signage guide for a better understanding of our exterior and interior signage rules and regulations. 

Merchandise guide

Understand the requirements and rules of creating all University of Nebraska–Lincoln-related merchandise.