When choosing merchandise, keep in mind the size of live space available to imprint your message. Some items’ imprint area is very small, leaving very little area for your message. When type gets too small, the ink may fill in, making your message illegible Required on every item:

  • Nebraska N OR University of Nebraska–Lincoln wordmark. (BOTH require the registered trademark symbol: ®)
  • The registered trademark symbol: ®, is required on the Nebraska N and University of Nebraska–Lincoln logo when used on merchandise. If the imprint area is too small and the merchandise is packaged, the following indicia statement should be attached to the packaging: “The logo/wordmark appearing on this product is a federally registered trademark owned by the University of Nebraska Board of Regents.”
  • When creating your artwork, be sure to create it for the manufacturer as you see it: if you’re printing white ink on a red item, make sure your artwork reflects that. This ensures the Nebraska N or logo are printed correctly. Do not send artwork in black ink and request that everything be reversed for printing in white. This violates Nebraska N rules on color use.

For questions regarding creating artwork for merchandise, contact:

1217 Q 200 Lincoln NE 68588-0218
Work 402-472-2211 On campus, dial 2-2211

When ordering merchandise, be sure the vendor is licensed with the Collegiate Licensing Company. For questions regarding licensed vendors, contact:

  • Assistant AD - Licensing & Branding University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Work Osborne Athletic Complex (MSTD) N334B
Lincoln NE 68588-0153
Work 402-472-0775 On campus, dial 2-0775

Learn more on the Licensing website

Merchandising bag example
Merchandising mug example
Merchandising shirt example

Non-IMG Sponsors on T-Shirts and Merchandise

Campus RSOs, club teams, colleges, units or departments are allowed to have other sponsors not associated with NEBRASKA Athletics which are not IMG sponsorships. However, the rules outlined here must be followed in order to comply with IMG and the University of Nebraska Athletic Department.


Nebraska N has to always be locked with the name of department, unit, club team, whenever non- IMG sponsors appear on shirt and merchandise.
Front of shirt showing Nebraska N lockup


Sponsor logos have to be on the back side of the shirts or have enough distance away from lockup. Size has to be at most half the size of Nebraska N.
Back of t-shirt showing sponsor logos