The University of Nebraska–Lincoln has defined standards for a number of items on campus as follows.

Standard exterior sign

Exterior and Interior Signage

Both exterior and interior signage follows standards defined by the Signage Committee. In 2009, a master plan for signage was put in place and all University signage must adhere to these standards unless alternative options are approved by the committee. You can download a copy of the master plan on the Facilities Management & Planning website.

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln has a standard interior decorative Ns for placement on conference rooms, lobbys, select office walls, etc... Please check within your college, department, unit whether it is appropriate to hang one in your office space.

Aluminum N

The solid aluminum N size is 17"x17" and it is custom made appropriately for hanging on drywall surfaces and a few others.

The design and specs have been approved by the Chancellor and should only be ordered through University Communication. Production of the Ns occurs quarterly and once you place and order, a rough timeline will be given for completion.

You must contact Facilities in order to schedule installation. All costs incurred are to be paid via Cost Object number to UComm and Facilities by your respective college, department and/or unit.

Order requests can be made to: Stephanie Severin,

Metal N dimensions
Metal N example

Aluminum N Example

Metal N close up of corner

Aluminum N Close up

Other Items

Several other items are available for University stakeholders. these items have a standard design and production method. The primary vendor for each of these items has been selected by University Communication and approved by the chancellor's office. These items may be ordered from UNL Print Services and should not be developed by other vendors unless approved by University Communication.

Nebraska N Pin
Nebraska Pin

The approved NEBRASKA pin size is 3/4" and red/silver. Special 1" orders can be made as well. They can be of magnetic back or military clutch.

N Flag example
N Flag

The main N flag is shown in front of city campus. The flag must be red with a white N.

Not available through UNL Print Services. Please contact for more information.

Adversails with N Lockup example

Adversails are 15' tall and are used outdoors. There are two design options for adversails. You may request a custom adversail design as well.

Metal nametag example

Nametags are brushed silver with rounded corners and with an N pin attached to the right side. They can be of magnetic back or military clutch.

Table Throw lockup example
Table Throws

Standard size for table throws are 8' wide and must be red. Official University lockups should be used on the throws.

Pole banner example
Pole Banners

All pole banners around campus have been pre-populated with the design above. Certain locations on campus are allowed alternate designs but need to be approved by University Communication.

Not available through UNL Print Services. Please contact for more information.