We developed and maintain a number of web-based applications that are simple to add and greatly improve the user experience of your site.

UNL Chat

The UNL Chat system allows site managers to chat actively with visitors to a UNL-templated web page at no charge to either party. Some of the features of the UNL Chat system include: answering questions of site visitors, tracking conversation with site visitors and intelligently routing visitors to the correct party or content they seek.

Events Calendar

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln (UNL) utilizes one central calendar system to organize and display campus events online. Events in the calendar system can easily be included on department websites and landing pages. These events also feed into Nebraska Today to maximize the audience reach of potential event attendees.


UNL maps (online and print) are maintained and updated annually by several key departments at UNL. Orders for the printed maps can be made on-demand through Print Services.


MediaHub is a proprietary UNL video player that allows users to upload, store and display media on their UNL websites. Similar to how YouTube works, in MediaHub you can create a channel to organize your video content and use provided embed codes to quickly display your videos on your webpages. MediaHub also supports captioning and is responsive.

Video Captioning

We have built a feature into Mediahub that enables you to add captions to your videos via cost object number. The videos are captioned by an actual human, which is most effective. Videos are captioned at a cost of one dollar per minute.

Digital Photo Archive

The online UNL Digital Photo Archive includes photos that have been taken by University Communication since 2003. These photos are available for campus communicators and departments to review and purchase for web, print and other purposes. The photos are organized by date and tagged in specific categories, making it easy to sort and find photos that make sense for your desired need.

"Go" URL Shortener

You can use the Go URL shortening service to shorten URLs while retaining the unl.edu domain. Go URL can also be used to set up vanity URLs for marketing and communication materials. You have the option to add Google analytics codes to track each link’s individual success.

Email Signature Generator

The online email signature generator makes it easy for any faculty or staff member to create a professional, Nebraska-branded email signature. 

Lockup Factory

A lockup — the "Nebraska N" icon aligned with text naming a university department or unit in one scalable image — locks in the text in the correct position and size next to the "N" in order to keep design consistent across the university for our audiences. These lockups serve as visual marks to represent campus units and can be generated for review and approval through the online lockup factory.