Jim Coll portrait
Jim Coll
Chief Communication and Marketing Officer

Strategic Marketing Initiatives

Andy Schadwinkel portrait
Andy Schadwinkel
Director, Marketing & Strategic Communications
Matthew Strasburger portrait
Matthew Strasburger
Copywriter / Visual Content Associate

Integrated Content

Taylor DeMaro portrait
Taylor DeMaro
Senior Manager of Integrated Content
Katie Black portrait
Katie Black
Senior Manager of Social Media
Avni Srivastav portrait
Avni Srivastav
Digital Content Specialist
Caroline Gidlow portrait
Caroline Gidlow
Integrated Content Specialist
Lauren Becwar portrait
Lauren Becwar
Associate Director of Strategic Communications
Kylie Turner portrait
Kylie Turner
Project Coordinator
Stephanie Severin portrait
Stephanie Severin
Design Manager
Laura Leffler portrait
Laura Leffler
Senior Design Specialist
Kristen Labadie portrait
Kristen Labadie
Visual Communications Specialist
Aaron Nix portrait
Aaron Nix
Director of Video Services
Curtis Bright portrait
Curtis Bright
Broadcast Specialist
Craig Chandler portrait
Craig Chandler
Director of Photography
Monica Myers portrait
Monica Myers
Digital Assets Management Technician


Leslie Reed portrait
Leslie Reed
Public Affairs Director
Sean Hagewood portrait
Sean Hagewood
Coordinator of News & Information
Carrie Hulsey-Greene portrait
Carrie Hulsey-Greene
Director of Reputation and Public Safety Communication
Troy Fedderson portrait
Troy Fedderson
Senior Director of Strategic Communications
Deann Gayman portrait
Deann Gayman
News and PR Writer, Editor
Kristina Jackson portrait
Kristina Jackson
Copy Writer / Media Relations Associate

Digital Experience Group

Bob Crisler portrait
Bob Crisler
Aaron Coleman portrait
Aaron Coleman
Senior Web Developer
Ryan Dee portrait
Ryan Dee
Senior Web Developer
Saron Gebre portrait
Saron Gebre
Web Applications Developer
Clay Lewis portrait
Clay Lewis
Senior Web Developer
Tommy Neumann portrait
Tommy Neumann
Web Applications Developer
Eric Rasmussen portrait
Eric Rasmussen
UNLcms Developer & Service Manager

In Memoriam

Dave Fitzgibbon portrait
Dave Fitzgibbon
Director of Video Services