CASNR Student Recruiting Video

Helping prospective students visualize themselves in the college experience.

The Challenge

Recruiters in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR) need to make an impression on prospective students, whether those students are visiting campus, meeting recruiters on the road, or researching colleges online. Prospective students are bombarded with materials. CASNR wants to stand out and communicate as effectively as possible.

The Solution

University Communication worked with CASNR to develop a message matrix, a way to articulate college strengths through messaging in one voice. Then UComm created a template that made it easy for recruiters to select words and images to tell their college story through video. The concept can be extended to other campus partners with the template.


Recruiters showcase the video at admitted student events with incoming freshmen and parents. It’s shown to prospective students online, at campus visits, high school visits, open houses and special events such as a nationwide leadership forum.