Do you have a question about a communication and marketing topic you have not found on our site? It may be related to work led by our colleagues in another office at the university.

What are the rules regarding licensing and use of university logos and other marks by third-party vendors?

Our university's Department of Athletics manages all licensing inquiries.

While the university is committed to alignment in using the "Nebraska N" logo, is there any circumstance in which a secondary logos is viable?

An extremely limited number of secondary logos has been approved by the university. The process for consideration includes review by the University-wide Identity Committee.

Does the university offer services for live-streaming video of events?

Yes, IANR Media offers video live-streaming.

Where can I find help printing large-format posters or preparation of presentation files or other small-scale visual aid projects?

The Pixel Lab in the College of Education and Human Sciences offers these services and more.

Where can I print a large quantity of materials or order promotional products?

Printing Services is a great on-campus resource for these services and more.