Discover Nebraska

Using Instagram to highlight university happenings while driving engagement.

Composite of Instagram story images

The Challenge

With a constant stream of events, research and news happening at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, we wanted to make it easier for our audience to learn about what's going on at Nebraska. We needed to create something that would be able to inform our audience while building engagement among them.

The Solution

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln's Instagram account posts "Discover Nebraska" every Sunday night via Instagram stories. The eight to 10 story slides provide an opportunity to highlight upcoming events, campus pride points, news stories and more in an interactive manner. Each slide of the story maximizes engagement by encouraging the viewer to watch, read, swipe up, screenshot, share or download content pertaining to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

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Discover Nebraska is the most highly engaged Instagram story on the UNLincoln account. It gathers 40,000+ views each week and has a completion rate of 73 percent, which exceeds the brand industry completion rate of 69 percent.