Sharing the stories of our fascinating faculty. 

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The Challenge

With more than 1,600 faculty teaching the students of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, there's a plethora of unique and exciting stories to be told about their passions and campus perspectives. We wanted to provide our audience with an opportunity to hear these stories in a way that would foster engagement with our faculty community while also sparking inspiration for new ideas and collaborations. There's no better way to get to know someone than hearing from them firsthand. 

The Solution

We decided to share these stories through a podcast series titled "Faculty 101", which is hosted on our Nebraska Today site, Stitcher and iTunes. Along with in-depth interviews with our faculty, the podcast also provides an additional video and photos to help tell the story. From Memorial Stadium to the campus chemistry labs, this podcast features faculty from across UNL's diverse areas of study. 


"Faculty 101" has released more than 20 podcast episodes, and has reached nearly 2000 listeners on our university hosted streaming service alone. We've highlighted the stories of our faculty, and we will continue enrich our audience's podcast portfolios through even more episodes!