The University's News Team

Leslie Reed
Leslie Reed national news editor

Leslie is a news writer and editor who places university sources and stories in national media. She works with faculty, staff, administrators and campus communicators to identify and write news stories with a potential national audience and regularly maintains contact with the national media to help position Nebraska as a national leader. Contact her at 402-472-2059 or

Troy Fedderson
Troy Fedderson internal news editor

Troy oversees and edits the Nebraska Today homepage and its electronic newsletter as well as the Scarlet, the bi-annual print newspaper for faculty and staff. He also writes and edits news releases; and works with faculty, staff, administrators, campus communicators and others to report stories of interest for campus as well as external audiences. Contact him at 402-472-8515 or

Sean Hagewood
Sean Hagewoodnews coordinator

Sean oversees all aspects of University Communication external news releases including their preparation, development and scheduling. He also works with members of the local and regional media to connect them with campus sources and writes general-assignment news stories about the university. Reach him at 402-472-8514 or

Deann Gayman
Deann Gayman social sciences and humanities writer/editor

Deann covers social sciences and the humanities, including research, scholarly activity, faculty and student innovation and achievement in the areas of political science, psychology, communications studies, history, classics, philosophy, English and associated Centers and departments. Reach her at 402-472-8320 or

Scott Schrage
Scott Schrage science writer/editor

Scott covers research, scholarly activity, faculty and student innovation and achievement in the natural sciences, engineering and associated centers and departments. Reach him at 402-472-4206 or