When developing content, it's important to begin with your goals and your audiences. You should also ensure that your content's message will align with the university brand. Below are some helpful considerations to make when developing content for the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

Know Your Audience


It's time to get to know who you're trying to reach. Do your research on your audience by looking at the engagement analytics of your past content. Look for patterns — is there a certain time where you get more responses? Are there any forms of content they seem to prefer?

Consider the demographic, geographic and psychographic characteristics of your target audience. It may also help to examine what sites they prefer, what content they are more likely to engage with, and what times they are most active.

The "Why"?

Before creating content, make sure to ask: "Why?" Why are you sharing this with your audience? Why is it important information for them? What’s holding them back? By putting yourself in your audience's shoes, you'll be more likely to consider what content and format will serve their needs best. 

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Think Multi-Channel

Think of opportunities to repurpose your content and reach a larger audience. Can your online graphic be adjusted into a poster? Can your social post be turned into a radio ad? Be creative and branch out of the channels that you're most comfortable with. 

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Storytelling Lenses

Determine how your story can align with the University of Nebraska brand by seeing how it fits in to our brand house. By knowing what part of the house the story is situated under, you'll be able to create a clear connection to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln brand.

Learn more about our Brand House

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Set Your Goals

The Outcome

Before considering anything else, it's important to articulate what you want to achieve with your content. What is the opportunity or problem? Why is this task important to the university’s  goals? How will you know if it worked?

Aiming for a specific outcome will help you to plan and create strategic content.

The Deliverables

What are your deliverables for this campaign — how can you best connect with the target audience in a way that effectively communicates your key messages? Is the deliverable a fully ready social media plan, or is it a photo and a 250-word story? Have these expectations laid out before you begin creating any content.