Textures, Patterns, and Icons

In Our Grit, Our Glory images and textures

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln has united under a new brand that connects the gritty work ethic in the Midwest with Husker glory in athletics, academics and research. These images will help provide visual consistency when using this campaign in your work.

Download a .zip file of these graphics

In Our Grit, Our Glory main graphic
Grit text on textured background
Red Grit text on textured background
White Grit text on textured background
White textured background
Red Glory text on white background
Red Glory text on textured background
Red Glory text on white textured background
Red textured background

Patterns & Textures

Patterns add extra dimensions to backgrounds. Shown here is an assortment of different patterns and background textures that could be used in a variety of layout situations.

For consistency, always maintain the patterns against a color (preferrably PMS 186CP), and keep opacity at 15%.


(You must be a University of Nebraska-Lincoln student, faculty, or staff member to download these assets.)

Liberator circle pattern Liberator period dot pattern Liberator plus full pattern Liberator plus scatter and texture Liberator plus scatter

Film Grain Textures

film grain texture 1 film grain texture 2
iconography image


Consistent use of iconography enhances the brand experience. Our Iconography library was developed by Streamline. We have the flexibility to add more icons, as well as to add versions of the icons present in the current set. Do not attempt to create your own icons. If existing icons do not meet your needs, please contact UComm. Note that every icon will be made available to the entire University. Any exclusive need for icons or illustrations must be approved by UComm.

Icons on Sharepoint Icons on IconFactory

*Icons distributed through Sharepoint are only available to UNL employees and UNL collaborators. Sharepoint allows for preview, download and search of all of the over four thousand Streamline icons. Streamline icons are distributed here in two sets: Filled SVG and Line SVG; each are in their own folder. IconFactory requires UNL Login and allows previewing and downloading of both SVG icon and code of individual icons.