Procedure for Temporary Outdoor Signs

December 4, 2017

Temporary signs may be permitted and placed on campus to promote events occurring on campus that are of interest to the University community.

Who can request placement of temporary signs on campus?

  • Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs), departments and service groups associated with the University and registered non-university events associated with the mission of the university may request approval to place temporary signs on campus.
  • Temporary signs are only allowed for the purpose of promoting an university related event on campus and not for commercial advertising.

Where can temporary signs be located?

  • Temporary signs may be located in pedestrian corridors or around a specific building.
  • Temporary signs are to be installed and removed by the organization or group.
  • Signs along a pedestrian corridor are to be spaced no less than 50 feet apart, with no more than 20 signs per event to be placed on campus.
  • Temporary signs may also be placed in the area of a specific building at the request of the primary department in the building. Signs around a building should be spaced at least 50 feet apart with no more than 10 temporary signs per building area.
  • The preferred location for temporary signs is in mulched planting beds rather than turf areas.

What information is eligible for temporary signs?

  • To be eligible for temporary signs, information should be related to the mission of the university, sponsored by an RSO, sponsored by a department or sponsored by a service group associated with the University. Registered non-university events associated with the mission of the university may request approval of temporary signs promoting the event.

What is the process for requesting approval of temporary signs?

  • The temporary signs shall use the approved temporary sign templates. The templates can be found at
  • Requests to locate temporary signs on campus, shall be submitted to the Nebraska Union Outdoor Event Space Request Coordinator, Carrie Jackson, at least two weeks prior to the date of the proposed signage. Her email address is or call 402-472-8167.
  • The temporary signs will be reviewed by Landscape Services. Requests should include the layout of the sign, the number of signs, the proposed locations of the signs, the date(s) of the event, and the dates the sign will be placed and removed.

Other information about temporary signs

  • Temporary sign locations need to be approved prior to the event. Please allow 2 weeks for the approval process.
  • Temporary signs can be out for no more than one week before the event and must be removed one day after the event.
  • Temporary signs that are in incorrect locations, put up too early or not removed after the event will be removed by Landscape Services and the sponsor will be charged for labor to remove the temporary signs.
  • Exceptions to this procedure may be requested and will be reviewed by Landscape Services.
  • Temporary signs are only to be installed in the ground. Additional fliers are not to be tied, nailed, stapled etc. to other objects on campus including trees, posts, etc. See Use of Outdoor Spaces for more information.